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How to choose a suitable CNC manufacturer?


How to choose a suitable CNC manufacturer?


In the precision parts processing industry, we can not just guarantee the accuracy of the product, this is the most basic requirements for the processing industry, in order to make customers more competitive, we also need in the cost, process reliability and delivery to provide customers with More satisfied with the program.


(1) Cost: is conducive to the overall cost of customer products to reduce, can significantly enhance customer profits and market competitiveness


(2) the reliability of the process: we can not just a product to do a good job, but to be able to ensure that every time the product can do a good job, which requires the stability of the process as reliable and reproducible. First of all to choose a good process line, and secondly, through proofing, trial production, to prove the success of the process through the SOP curing down to ensure the reliability of processing, rather than people and errors;


(3) delivery: no matter how good the product, if not meet the customer's delivery requirements, but also meaningless products and services. We need to respond quickly and streamline the process to meet customer requirements for delivery.